What does it mean to have no sense of humor?

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I wrote a blog a bit back about having a sense of humor. A sense of humor is a curious thing. Some people laugh at everything. We call them idiots. Some people like potty humor. We call them kids. Some people like slapstick humor and The Three Stooges, but enough about my ex-husband. Some people can’t laugh at jokes that are not politically correct. When Borat says to the feminist, “Calm down, Pussy Cat,” it’s funny, but maybe if you are feminist, it’s not so funny.

Someone posted the following response to my blog.

What is the point of this essay? So we don’t have a sense of humor, maybe I don’t I’m not sure. You like most americans and maybe people in general seem to take it out on the person w/the mental health issue or the communications issue, not on the paper w/power who don’t have those issues. It isn’t ok not to like that person, it isn’t right or fair and its even more your job as a writer to fight that if you’re aware of those issues, your job is to educate the general public and your audience. Not people who already know they have these problems and have to put up w/mainstream people’s bs. It’s irresponsible of you to be adding to that, whether you and others wanna admit that or not. And fuck Bush, you seem to be making an excuse for idiots being president, idiots who only care about their fellow white, male, right wing rich, country club buddies. That’s why most people didn’t vote for bush in 2000 or 2004, they voted for gore and then kerry. Look it up. And the hilary reference you make btw is kind’ve sexist.

Things I really like about this response.

1. Hilary, here is what I said, “Americans aren’t comfortable with people who are more intelligent than they are especially if that someone is a woman. That’s why Hillary scares so many men. She’s smarter than they are and we can’t have that.
That’s sexist? Mentioning that she is smarter than most men?
2. What he says my job is: ”your job as a writer to fight that if you’re aware of those issues, your job is to educate the general public and your audience.”
Really? I like that because I didn’t know I had a job as a writer. I thought that being a writer was something I do because I don’t have a real job so I am kind of pleased that it’s a “job.” I also like the idea of educating the general public. It feels important and much less like tapping keys while drinking wine which doesn’t sound nearly as vital to the safety of the nation and its citizens. I’m going to remember this. I have a job!

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