When people say bad things about you or decide they won’t talk with you any more—what do you do?

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Here’s what:

1. Consider that they might be right. I’m sure some say that I could do a better job editing—true—or just a better job as a human being—quite true—could have been a better parent—without a doubt.
2. Count the people who love you anyway and be grateful.
3. Maybe those people who won’t talk to you any more just need a break from you. You’re not the most important person in the universe so just move on to people who still do want to talk with you. And hopefully there are a few.
4. Life is long, never forget that. I haven’t spoken with my mother in thirty years, but maybe this year I will. I never expect to see my father’s second wife again, but life is long, one never knows.
5. If you are accomplishing anything in the world, people will talk smack. If you don’t want anyone to talk smack, then don’t do anything.
6. But what about when people just cut you off for no reason? I like to assume they have a reason, a very good reason but it has nothing to do with me.
7. What if you know who is spreading rumors about you? Seriously, do you care? Are you in Junior High? Are you five? Do you want to read the emails, the texts, the sentences floating around in space? Don’t even think about it.
8. Remember your true purpose in the force and go after it.
9. The rest is noise.
10. The rest is noise.

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