Virgin America is late.

kk 032

Virgin America is taking off two hours late. I met an English woman and we randomly went off to have drinks. She had a beer and I polished off a couple vodka martinis. Sitting at LAX is boring. They just announced that there is a very good possibility that we will be stranded here indefinitely. Not me. I have a car out in the garage, so I doubt I will be stranded here indefinitely.

I took the train to San Diego last night, then home, then rushing here after teaching, the world is folding in around me like I’m a bug inside blue origami paper. You see weird people at airports. A good looking guy and a very large woman. VLargeW. With red haired kids. People on the phone, people on the floor. People with hats. People with no socks. People with Birkenstocks and white socks. (This looks makes me genuinely queasy.) People with those kind of toe shoes where their toes go into these little gloves, little glove shoes, they make me sick. Crocs. Make me super sick. Crop tops where you shouldn’t wear crop toes. I could vomit. Huge sandwiches and boxes of fries. Save me. Americans eating way too much. Slovenly clothes like you just got out of bed. Come on, it’s 7 pm. How did you just get out of bed? Why are you in your pajamas?

Virgin America, you are letting me down. I don’t want to land in Chicago at 2 in the morning when I have a meeting tomorrow. I’m going to be like a zombie at the meeting. Zombie Editor takes on sales force.

Next week my semester ends. Next semester I go to the reading in SF on Friday. City Lights with Douglas Kearney and Peggy Shumaker. Then home, then San Diego and out to Tiger, Tiger! With my students. Then Chicago for Peggy’s reading with Pete Fairchild and some meetings.

To sleep perchance to dream but there’s the rub.

People in the airport get scrappy when they’ve been here too long. They start to smell, the feeling of nausea and fatigue and annoyance all mixes up and becomes a whirl of slow craziness. You see people walking around like airport zombies.

We tried to see Wolf of Wall Street the other night. Very annoying. Someone summed it up by saying, Whores and Quaaludes are fun for a while. Then not so much. The whole first part of the movie shows hookers having sex with guys on Wall Street and guys doing coke on their asses. The drugs and whores just seem to have no end. No one has respect for women or life or children. Finally we went to bed. Scorsese must have had fun making this. All those naked women. Joy joy. I clearly don’t understand the amazing joy of hanging with hookers. I’m missing out. The movie made me tired. I went to bed and I do need to catch up on sleep. So maybe the movie was a good thing.

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