You’re different than other people.

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If someone has more sex than you, she’s a tramp. Less sex? She’s a prude. Dirtier house? She’s a slob. Cleaner house? She’s a clean freak. Moves around? She can’t sit still. We gauge others’ behavior by our own.

I think it’s weird when people never go anywhere because I am always going some place. I think a little travelling around is good for the soul. I think it’s weird when people travel and want to go on little tramps and walks with others. I want to be alone or with my husband and children. I don’t want to talk with strangers. But that’s just me.

I also think it’s weird when people complain endlessly about not having enough money. Okay, I don’t have enough money to go to the Superbowl or the World Cup. I can’t go skiing in Switzerland. I can’t go out to eat at expensive restaurants more than once a year. So the rest of the time I am doomed to eating at home or to dive Mexican and dive sushi. But I actually like diving (and swimming too.) So what? But when people are constantly complaining about money or their health, I always think that much of that is under your control.

I know people who can barely walk because they are so overweight yet they refuse to diet. Or diabetics who still eat sugar all the time. People who won’t get their hips or knees replaced or do exercises for their backs but like to complain about these things. People who complain about their kids but refuse to discipline them.

I try not to complain. Complaining is a waste of time. Get on with it. This is your one life. Right now I am on the train to San Diego. I am eating blackberries. The ocean is out there somewhere. I am going to teach my class and then come home on the train and get home by 10 pm and get up at 4 am to go teach tomorrow and then fly to Chicago. This is my life. I wouldn’t trade it for another life. I sometimes wish that things were a little easier, but it’s all good. I’m in the swim of it and my head is above water.

Do you want to say that you crouched in your small town in Palmdale or Bakersfield, Little Rock or Hawaiian Gardens, Canoga Park or Oceanside your whole life? That you always wished things would get better, that you always wished that could have an easier life? Or just live the life you were supposed to live? Join the rodeo. Go out dancing. Start a dance company. Go to parties where people get painted different colors. Go to Coachella or Burning Man, AWP or Antarctica. This is it, your one wild and precious life.

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  1. My dad (along with a million other dads) always said: “Shit or get off the pot.” I do like spending more time than necessary (maybe because we lived in a house of limited facilities is why he was always saying it) but that’s just me: Different than others but wanting to enjoy every second in the way I am capable of enjoying things. Thanks for another reminder that, regardless of preferences, there is really a basic choice in embracing a life.

  2. So true!

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