What would you do at the end of the world?

What would you do if the world were about to end? Or your life was about to end? What would you do? If you thought you only had two years to go, what would you do?

Okay, let’s skip the obvious, you get laid as much as you possibly can. That’s a given. Let’s go beyond that.

I would have sushi every week. Strawberries and whipped cream pretty much every day. Champagne every day. Just a glass for breakfast each day. Okay, that’s the other easy stuff. Sex and champagne. Then oysters.

Okay, let’s focus on the main stuff: What you’re going to do. I am going to Italy, France, and Portugal. Spain again. And I am going to go dancing a lot. Listen to music and write. I am going to write as much as I can. And travel.

We should live every day as if it were our last.

I am going to Chicago this week for our sales meeting. These Chicago sales meeting trips are these fast turnaround trips that sort of exhaust me. I fly Virgin and they are very gentle in the air and when they land, they land very delicately, and there you are in the pink/purple haze landing very delicately on the runway. When you fly American, they simply slam down on the runway like the plane was attacking the tarmac, then it bounces a couple times. Plus the American Airlines staff compete with each other to see how rude they can be to you, the passenger unless you are in the first class, then they’re all about boot licking with a vengeance. Ever since I landed in DFW last year and the American Airlines staff told me that I was lucky to get a blanket to wrap myself in a the airport as a place to sleep since they had to cancel the flight to Omaha. They treated me like a criminal, but maybe that’s how they treat their passengers. Virgin America treats me like a princess. Well, not really a princess, but the kind of princess you would be if you were travelling in disguise.

When you fly a lot, it does matter how they treat you when you fly. It’s bad enough that you are cramped into these very small spaces for many hours. In my next lifetime, I am thinking of flying first class. Definitely.

Next week, Chicago again and San Francisco but then I’m home for a while. Home until June 18th when I go to Portland to read with Ursula K. LeGuin. Next weekend we are going to the Renaissance Faire. Tobi’s coming down with Molly and we are going to the Ren Faire with Nicelle and JJ. He needs to learn about how to be a Shakespearean hero.

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