Tori Spelling

What is wrong with this country? Why is it okay to be an idiot attention suck and millions of people want to watch this? What do we want to watch in this country? What do we want to think about? Ideas? Ways to change the world?

Tori Spelling has one life. She has four children, one handsome husband, and lots of money. With all that money, with all that ability to influence the world, she could be Audrey Hepburn, the celebrity who enjoyed celebrity but wanted to make the world a better place. Angelina Jolie at least tries to pretend to be a humanitarian. I’m not sure she is because I don’t believe celebrity news. But she seems to want to use her celebrity to do something in the world. Tori wants people to like her? Pay attention to her?

Tori wants to suck attention for herself simply because she is a stick thin girl with her pole legs and twig arms, nothing about her seems beautiful or sexy or generous. Did she not get enough love as a child in the wealthy Spelling household? Why does she need to suck energy? What is she missing? Did no one ever tell her that baring her life in front of the whole world makes her look like she has no class? Does class matter to her at all?

Tori could go to therapy and find out what’s wrong with her marriage and her family. But none of that should be played out in front of the whole planet unless she has abandoned any idea of having anyone ever having any respect for her. A marriage is a sacred contract. Love is a sacred thing. She and her husband were together and had children, and then they screwed it up, or they pretended to screw it up for ratings. Does being an X actress appeal to her? She has enough power to star in regular TV shows and movies and to change the world. She’s choosing to be the queen of white trash, a freak show. She makes Americans look like we’re trash.

I want to think that we can be better than this. Tori, stop this. Go to therapy. Give your life with grace. Read Thich Nhat Hanh. You can be a better person. It’s not too late. We all can be better people. I know I can.

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