Hilary Clinton, can she be president?

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I want to see Hilary elected, and I hope that she runs in 2016. But it will take more than my wanting her to win for that to happen. She is an amazing fund raiser especially in NY which is the most important place in America to be able to raise money. And women love her, but she is going to have to get some men to vote in her favor as well.

Let’s talk about why there are men who hate Hilary. Men fear women who have power. A woman with power is a monster to most men. The monster is the woman who might actually wield power. A significant percentage of men in America do not respect women. Laugh at women. They assume the men should be in charge of where the family lives, how the house looks, how much their wife drinks or whether she is allowed to drink at all, what her last name is. They control the money. To make the little women happy, they give the little women money to shop; they buy them a dress or shoes.

Hilary is not a little woman. She does not wait for men to tell her what she can and cannot do. She moves forward with her convictions. And that is frightening to men.

England can elect Margaret Thatcher; Germany can elect Angela Merkl, even India has had a woman head of state. But not America where the men like little women who stay in the background.

Hilary stands for whatever is most frightening to men. She does not pretend to be small. She does not pretend to be the background. She does not become invisible.

Here is why I think all women should vote for Hilary and men as well. Hilary might be able to make change happen. Obama has not been able to stop any wars, improve education or help us on our way toward more jobs and better lives. I believe in Hilary.

People say Hilary wants power. Men want power all the time and nobody faults them for it. But if a woman wants power, it is frightening to men who want to believe they can control the world. Hilary represents power in skirts, and for most men that is the most frightening kind of power.

I can’t imagine anyone in my husband’s family voting for Hilary. His family are Republicans and/or they believe that men are the boss of things. I generally equate Republicans with wanting the men to be n charge; the wife’s “job” is to cook, take care of the house etc.

Some people would say that Hilary’s problem isn’t men hating her. It’s Hilary herself. But, I disagree. Being a stepmother has issues because you enter a story of the evil stepmother and it can be difficult to extract yourself. The British have the story of Queen Elizabeth I and the story of Queen Victoria, so a woman prime minister can enter the story of a powerful woman who turns a country into an empire. Hilary enters the story of a woman with serpents for hair. America has no glorious female monarchs whose story she can enter. But, she can enter the story of us. We, the women of America, like Hilary have raised children. We don’t leave our children. We only leave our spouses if we must. We do our best to raise a family, while working and we want to fly. We want full personhood. That’s an American wish. To walk tall in the world, to do what is right, not to be a bully, to understand and appreciate the beauty of the world. I think Hilary wants all of that too. I wish her the best in 2016. I believe that she has the force and stamina to win the presidency and I wish her the very best.

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