London Book Fair was amazing.

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All these people in the book business and interested in how books are made. And buying and selling rights of books.

On the flight back, we flew New Zealand Air which had some pretty bad food and was on the way to Aukland. The guy in our row is flying from London to Los Angeles then to Aukland. The big problem with New Zealand Air is not the sardine seats or the bad food, it’s the fact that the plane has no air. You’re thinking, you are kidding. Not. I’m not kidding. The AC is at the back of the plane where they serve food, but where the passengers are, no AC.

Mark went to Foyles to shop for books. We went out last night for the best Indian food we’ve had since the last time we were in London. This made all the Indian food we ever have in Los Angeles taste like it’s cardboard. I had a whole fish and I am crazy for restaurants that serve whole fish. There is this place in Pasadena called Shiro’s that serves whole catfish. I love the catfish. I probably was formerly fish and that’s why I like fish. I like fresh oysters, oyster shooters and oyster Rockfellers. I am not fond of fried oysters, but if there are no other oysters, I’ll roll. I have to leave for Chicago on Wednesday. In Chicago, I know exactly what we are going out for. Russian food. I’m looking forward to getting home for a few days. Seeing the dogs.

I seriously doubt that I will have any oysters in the near future, but I like to think about them. We arrive late tonight in LA. My question is just how many miles can I run tomorrow? If I can run, I can clear my head.

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