Let’s go through the details.
1. They have television on the plane.
2. They do not have food unless you buy it and there is nothing worth buying. If I had known this, I would have brought a sandwich.
3. I’m watching this movie called Ruby Sparks about this guy who is a writer and he creates a girl. Annette Bening and Antonio Banderas are in it, also Paul Dano who I love, and it’s kind of intense. A really good movie.
4. I had an hour layover in Reykjavik, Iceland. They try to get you to shop.
5. They made me check my luggage because they said it was too heavy.
6. They give you Icelandic water.
7. It takes seven hours to fly from Seattle to Iceland.
8. They do not have electrical outlets on this plane but they do have places to plug in iPhones.
9. I can’t wait to get to London and see Mark.
10. Seattle is a rainy city. London will be cold as well, but I’ll be with Mark.

One of the big questions in a relationship is how many people do you need? I have a friend whose husband wants it to be just the two of them, but my friend likes to hang with her girlfriends. She likes to go out with her husband, but at home, she likes to do her own thing. I have friends who seem to want to have a huge group of people around all the time. I personally like a balance. I adore time alone with my daughter, time alone with my husband, time with my son, and I like it when the whole family is around. What I wouldn’t like is having one of those relationships where you hardly ever your see your spouse. I like having time even though it’s hard to say what we do with that time. We almost never go to the movies even though we love the movies, we’re usually too tired. Or we don’t really have enough time that we aren’t doing a thousand things. At the same time.

Right now, what I want to do is figure out our garden. Because of the drought, I assume that we will pay our arms and our legs for water so I want to make the garden a bit more friendly to a no water little situation. We want a courtyard garden. Then I want to write a story about someone who doesn’t actually want to garden but wants the whole yard to be magical and so they stand around the garden and dream and finally, reluctantly, they start to make something. I think that all stories start with a desire for change and then resistance to change and then maybe the drama of change itself. I’ll come up with some really good parts of the story to add tension, maybe an affair with the landscape architect who turns out to be Antonio Banderas.

I think the most important questions to figure out before you get too deeply into a relationship:
1. Do you need to go to church? Do you need the partner to go to church?
2. Do you like to travel?
3. Do you like to save money or just spend it all as you go along?
4. Are you ambitious? Do you need your partner to be ambitious?
5. Do you like to spend a lot of time alone with one person?
6. Do you need a lot of people around? How often?
7. On vacations do you like to be around a lot of people or just your partner? My sister-in-law and my brother-in-law were in Hawaii in a big resort hotel and in the morning some guide person took people on a walk. They had a great time. We would first of all not be at the resort hotel, we’d be staying at a shack on the beach, then we would never go on a guided tour with other people. We go on vacations to get away from other people.
8. How do you feel about the in-laws? If you don’t like them, is it okay with your partner if you see them on a very limited basis?
9. Do you have an inner life? Do you have a life of your own?
10. Do you know how to stick up for yourself?
11. Do you believe in talking out problems screaming? When is it okay to scream?
12. My husband and I would not have gotten married if our life together was not going to work for the children and if they couldn’t be at our wedding, but some people say good bye to the children. They walk away and make a new life with their spouse. If you are starting at the beginning, you have to start there, do you want to have children? That’s a big question. Do you want children?
13. Do you both have the same dreams?

I wrote all that on the plane. Now I’m in London so tired I could bite someone or punch someone and Mark is handy.

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