Are you staring at a screen too much?


1. Have you ever forgotten to brush your teeth because you woke up and got right to it?
2. Have you ever realized your sex life was suffering because you spent too much time on FB and other social networking sites?
3. Have you ever been annoyed with someone who claims you’ve lost touch with them because you are perfectly willing to hit “Like” on stuff they post on FB and that’s communication, right?
4. Have you ever realized that you’ve gotten used to watching family and friends updates on FB and you prefer that to actually meeting up with them?
5. Have you ever spent a weekend when you could be hiking, sailing, clubbing, getting laid, writing, dreaming, painting, etc just staring at a screen and woken up Monday morning to realize the weekend is gone?
6. Do you tell people that they aren’t well informed and by that you mean they don’t know what’s trending on Twitter?
7. Do you keep your phone next to you at all times?
8. Do you never turn your phone off?
9. Have you ever answered your phone at an intimate moment?
10. Do you have the phone with you when you are hanging out with your loved ones? Hint here, when you are actually with your family, you have everyone important to you in the room, you should be able to shut the thing off.
11. Do you have to warn your FB “friends” when you are going offline for a while?
12. Do have a panic attack when you don’t have access to your computer?
13. Would it kill you to have no access to your computer for twenty-four hours?
14. Do you pay money to have access to the internet when you are flying?
15. Do you find yourself scouring airports for places that you can plug in your computer even if you don’t have anything you have to do and could be getting a drink or reading a book?
16. Do you think of the internet as your main source of information?
17. Is it more fun to stare at a screen than to go outside and walk around, take a run, go to the park, take the dog for a walk, go out with friends, go to a bookstore—if you can find one–?
18. Do you need your phone to look things up to get through a simple conversation or can you just admit that you don’t know Jimmy Hendrix’ first album?
19. Are you lost without your phone and laptop?
20. Are you lost?
Unplugging is a good thing. Reading is a good thing. Missing a day at the screen is great especially if you actually do something. The screen is passive entertainment. Try for some active entertainment. Being someone’s friend means being in their presence. It means picking up the phone and hearing their voice. It means caring about their life in bigger chunks that the scraps we post to FB. You cannot raise a child unless you are present. You cannot know someone unless you are present. Be present in your life. It’s the only one you have.

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  1. Cradle Your Device…

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