Should we be international spies?, The Counselor

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Do not believe Rotten Tomatoes. This movie is stylish, elegant and scary; it’s what great film making should be. Exquisitely filmed and acted, each scene beautifully done. When I think of movies that I could watch lots of times, say, when I’m home working, I could just put that movie on and have a good time watching them, I think of Ladykillers, Burn After Reading, Fisher King, Stranger than Fiction etc. Or possibly Sexy Beast or Oh Brother, Where Art Thou. This movie, The Counselor isn’t a movie you need to see over and over. You won’t ever forget this movie. The scenes will be etched forever on your irises.

You will remember this movie. You won’t understand everything that is happening. You won’t be able to follow everything in it; you won’t know what’s happening all the time. But what you don’t know will unravel around you and if you’re smart, you’ll get that this is a good movie. I generally like smart movies. I understood the movie Eyes Wide Shut which most Americans seemed to hate. It was about the idea that Americans are obsessed with monogamy and that fantasizing outside that paradigm is verboten and yet we all do it, we just don’t know what do about it. We don’t have a proper avenue for confession.

Cormac McCarthy does not understand women, nor do I think he even likes them, but Ridley Scott has made a good film based on the book which is somewhat less misogynistic than some of his other books.

I leave Friday for New Mexico to read at Bookworks, and then I fly to Seattle on Saturday where I meet with Kim Dower and we do a reading at Elliot Bay. On Sunday, I fly through Iceland to London where I meet with Mark. I told Mark that our meeting in London and flying in from different cities is super cool and it makes us like international spies. Mark said, Well, yeah but without the spying.
Details! Really, these are details. We could spy. I pointed out that out to him but he seemed to think that we had to have an idea about who we would be spying on or for. I guess that most spies have little spying goals which we don’t have. We like people watching though.

We stay in a cheaper part of London called Sussex Gardens. We started off there many years ago when we first started going to London and we kept going because I like getting up early and running or walking around Hyde Park. Sometimes early in the morning, they exercise the queen’s horses. She has a considerable stable, some really beautiful horses.

The only good food we have in London is Indian or Malaysian food. I’m not a fan of British pub food, but of course, the beer is nice. I plan to have a beer in London and celebrate the book fair and Red Hen selling the foreign rights to our books.

Maybe we should publish some books on international spies. I hear spying books are very popular.

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