What story are you inside of?


And how do you get out?

Sometimes you hear someone talking about how their life isn’t really working out and you realize that they don’t know what story they are inside of. That’s why superhero and comic movies are so much fun. You get to realize that plot and story really matter. Are you the hero? Are you one of the guys with the red shirts in Star Trek? Those guys in the red shirts end up dead. As a writer, remember what story you are trapping your character in and think about whether they need a way out.

Big stories: The story of the boy and his father. The story of drama. Big drama.

The story of the two sons, one is loved, one is hated.

The story of the two daughters their father did not want.

The story of the man and the woman and the young girl who is taking that man away. You might want a different story, but if you are inside a story where you have taken a husband away from his adult wife and you are a child, that is a story. And there is no happy ending.

Your wife is supporting you and you are at home living off your spouse. That’s a story. Also not a happy one.

You are waiting for a man to come along and solve your problems. That’s an old story.

These are all big stories.

The ones which really annoy me:

1. The woman waiting for a man to solve her problems or save her or give her sex or in any way make her life perfect.
2. The girl who is waiting for her life to happen.
3. The person who is basically waiting for money to “happen.”
4. The younger woman/older man thing. Super annoying. Usually you have a younger woman who doesn’t want to have to work. She wants to latch onto an older man so that someone will make her dreams come true and buy her stuff. She pushes the wife aside and takes what she wants. It’s an old story, but I’m not sure it’s a good story.
5. Deciding the parents aren’t worth being in contact with. Seriously? What makes you so much better than your parents?
6. Praying for your life to be better.
7. Spending all your time waiting and/or reading romance novels.
8. Waiting for the end of the world, the Rapture.
9. Any world in which your primary world is waiting for something to happen instead of making something happen.
10. Waiting for love instead of making love happen.

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