Virgin Airlines, should you read beauty magazines

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Virgin Airlines:

The good: They got back the Artisan Cheese box which is my favorite Virgin food.
The bad: The movies often don’t finish. You pay $8.00 but you are better off just watching one of the free movies with commercials. Let me be clear, the movies don’t actually finish. I restarted the movie twenty-eight times and I never got to see the ending. Probably didn’t miss much.

My friend Darlene points out that since I visit people in NY at these glossy magazines, dropping galleys, pitching stories and the like that it’s time I try reading them. Slow down there! That sounds depressing. It sounds like a lot of work. I immediately suggested that Red Hen’s publicist Gabi do the reading. Gabi is fashionable as well so she would probably understand what she is reading. Darlene was thinking maybe I would read those magazines myself.

Darlene herself has read all of them. She has read Vogue, Glamour, More, Cosmopolitan. She understands fashion, jewelry, makeup, and the concerns women have. She understands the world of women. Adult women. With style and whatever comes with style. I admire Darlene’s style. I want to be like her! Me! grown up and walking all over the planet like a real person!

If you are a real intellectual, you can’t be shopping, you can’t be thinking about clothing. I’m not sure you can be a big thinker/mover/shaker and still care about fashion, clothing, jewelry and hair styles. Look at Einstein, look at Jane Goodall, look at Emily Dickinson just wearing the same dress all the time.

However, I like to take advice once a year or so and I bought More and O. As the “Sunscreen song” says, “Do not read fashion magazines, they will only make you feel ugly.” I quoted this to Darlene, but she gave me a look which I interpreted to mean, “Grow up.”

I am a big fan of growing up– for other people such as my students and my kids who are turning into pretty fine grownups. Anyway, I am trying the magazine thing and will let my readers know if I learn anything besides the fact that style is for other people. But, I had fun with the magazines and fun is a start.

On the plane home, I am watching a very bad movie that I would not otherwise have the opportunity to see. The movie is Austenland; it may be the worst movie I have ever seen. Plus the Virgin movie system has a lot of glitches so the movie has started over many times and finally I had to give up because it wouldn’t finish. If romantic movie is bad enough, this is a fake romantic movie. And the whole idea of women waiting around for men really should have gone out of style about a thousand years ago.

Plus the rain coming down on the wet dress and the guy holding her is pretty funny. It’s hilarious that many women spend a lot reading books about romantic men coming along and rescuing them. Okay, so if you have to wait for someone to rescue you, that takes away the fun of maybe rescuing yourself.

Last night, I had a proper dinner at Landmarc in Tribeca with the poets and a whole tribe of Rex’s friends. Rex Wilder, Tess Taylor and Henri Cole gave an amazing reading at Poets House, the sun shining in for the first time in days. I got to Poets House early and hung out in the green room with all the pictures of poets and I read Valzyna Mort’s new book.

After dinner, Rex and I walked back to Chelsea and then he walked up to Penn Station. Rex is such a romantic fellow; he is like one of those guys in Jane Austen books; he chats with you when you walk up the street and seriously, you can picture him wearing black boots and some linen clothes and walking down the street in merry old England with a sword at his side.

The great thing about flying home to the West Coast is that you arrive with the whole day in front of you. The next time I will see most of you my dear blog readers is on this Tuesday on March 25th for the Red Hen reading at the Annneberg Beach House with Cecilia Woloch and Nate and John Barr, and then on March 30th at 3 pm I will be reading at Skylight books. Or, if you are a Westsider, you can come to my reading with Rex at Diesel Books on April 23rd. See you soon!

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