Having fun in New York

mm 165New York is always very exciting.

I’m here four or five times a year for a week or so, and this trip is nine days. A long trip walking around having meetings. Today, I had a meeting all day and then great wine with my friend Cathy overlooking the park, the light pouring in, and then I walked down from the park to Times Square. Times Square glowing and shining against the sky. I looked up on the way there at the slices of sky between the buildings, slices of sky thick blue with traces of cloud. Nobody looks up at the clouds and sky. People in NY move quickly; they’re busy. Rushing into cabs and subways, they have someplace to go.

It’s impossible for me to be in NY without seeing and feeling all the New York movies crowded into my head. I see people walking up the steps of the walkups as I walk up the steps of the walkup to my hotel, I see men in suits and hats hurrying through the streets as I hurry down the streets. In the plate glass windows, I see the shadows of faces from all the New York movies. I see the dogs running through the streets, the men with guns, the women begging for something, they don’t know what. They want something. I walk past the Fendi, the Gucci, the Dolce and Gabbana, and all the other fancy stores, but I don’t go in, it makes me tired to think of all those stores and all that money and all that stuff.

The last time I was here, I was with Nicelle. She would want to go into the special chocolate store to get something for JJ, she would go into the fancy stores even though neither of us could find afford a thread of stuff there. She would like looking around. We get a laugh walking down Fifth Avenue. She gets a kick out of NY and we have a good time.

King Kong and Spiderman, all the woody Allen movies, and my favorite New York movie of all, The Fisher King with my favorite quote from that movie:

Then he thinks of me. He says…. I got both my arms I got both my legs. At least I’m not begging for a living…See I’m what you call kind of a “moral traffic light” really. I’m like sayin’ “Red! Go no further!…

Good advice.

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