Respect between the genders

ll 006 My daughter Tobi and I

There are women who have no respect for men and many more men who have no respect for women.

What does it mean to respect men?
1. It doesn’t work at all, if you don’t respect yourself. That would mean that you insist on being treated equally. You insist on whatever behavior seems right to you. That is different for different people. I like equality, some women don’t.
2. You have to like men.
3. You have to be nice to them and be willing to listen to them.
4. You have to expect to be treated well.
5. If at all possible, live mindfully.

Okay, let’s get down to what I really want to talk about:
Men who don’t have any respect for women.

For the most part, when you don’t have much respect for another gender it’s because you don’t feel that gender treats you well. There are a lot of men who can’t do this one thing: Have a conversation with a woman. Listen to her and be nice. And then make her happy.

Peacocks do it. Dolphins do it. Monkeys do it. But lots of men cannot talk to women and simply be nice to them. Then women become the enemy. And once they’re the enemy, you have to conquer them. In other words, once you feel slighted or small in the world, you have to fight back.

The making of a man who has no respect for women:
1. Not very popular with girls in high school
2. Turns to porn as main form of interaction with females. The porn gives the male the idea that the ideal woman doesn’t talk back, just says yes, yes, yes. No brain. Just a body.
3. Eventually, porn isn’t enough, then you go for lap dances, nude bars. But eventually lap dances and aren’t enough and you need hookers.
4. Because what you want to keep going at that point is the yes you don’t have to interact with. You don’t want to have to have a conversation with a woman, figure out what makes her tick, be with her in the warming, in the gloaming, in the twilight. You want sex. It’s all about You. You. You.
5. I meet a lot of men like this. They say they Adore women, but what they mean by that is very simple. They like the idea of women in the abstract. They like the idea of themselves walking into a party with a beautiful woman on their arm. That woman has a dress that shows her legs. You imagine the garter belt, you can see the stockings and the heels. She smiles at you endlessly. You talk to her and she listens. All you have to do is be yourself and she is right there beside you. Everyone thinks you are the man because you have that woman on your arm. You don’t have to do a thing. You are a god. That is the making of a man who doesn’t respect about women. Underneath that lack of respect is the possibility of violence and violence doesn’t mix well with love.

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