Off to New York

New York is always fun.

I like my little hotel, the Chelsea Lodge, and I like running on the Hudson Parkway. I even like the subways which make me think of how wonderful it would be to live in a city with public transportation. I like Poets House especially the green room which makes me so happy. And I love KGB and Cornelia Street Café which make me think of how much some people love poetry and who I want to hang with them. I like Gramercy Tavern and Angel’s Share, but mostly in NY, I eat food from the street. I don’t go to restaurants by myself, I just go to delis or the street vendors.

My friends Danny and Elizabeth live in Brooklyn in an apartment which would be too small for most people in LA to live in, but it’s cool and crowded at the same time. I usually see them and their daughter Clara who is smarter than most adults. Last time I was there we went to the Brooklyn Museum of Art to see the Dinner Party. Clara had her favorite place settings.

My first meeting right after I land is right outside the Met. I’ve never been to the Metropolitan Opera, but I plan to go sometime when I am in another lifetime when I am a cat with money. I imagine myself going to the Met with a beautiful red dress and some sort of jewelry going on. But in the meantime, I plan to enjoy NY and get to all my meetings.

I’ll keep you all updated as to readings and weather in the Big Apple. I’m flying Virgin which my blog readers know I like but sadly, the food is not good on Virgin. I used to like the cheese plate, but that’s gone. I’m bringing along strawberries and tuna salad.

Maybe in NY I will catch up on sleep. God knows I need it.

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