Good day today

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It is too warm in California. The vines are growing. The figs are ripe. A good day but warm.

1. Ran 12 miles
2. Climbed on the roof to clear the palm fronds. The roof is very high. There’s one roof and a ladder and then a very high roof. Up I go. I don’t like coming down.
3. From the top roof, the house and yard looks magical, different colors of bougainvillea, jasmine growing into the trees, the curly willow vines unfurling, the trees touching each other, a touch of green lawn between them.
4. Then gardening. If I didn’t get to the planting today, it will be the last week in March. I need the azaleas planted and the daisies, the oregano, the peppers. Microgreens. I needed to get all these in now before it gets any warmer. The weather is too much, to warm.
5. It is ridiculously warm in California. My figs are almost ripe, my jasmine almost over, the avocado tree growing and leafing, even the empress tree is reaching out furry leaves like hands toward the sky.
6. We sent to see the play Trojan Women at USC with Thomas Anawalt. He as great and the play was amazing. Such good acting, dancing, it was energetic and like the dance of the world, opening and frightening and beautiful all at once.
7. Then tonight we saw Ender’s Fame which I wanted to love because I like science fiction, but it was first one big video game that went on and on. Then Ben Kingsley came along and the movie turned dark. I’m not into video games; I’m a big fan of actually acting on the world. This video game/movie went on and on until it wasn’t a game any more. Maybe that’s part of what is troubling. Kids stop playing video games and go to war. When does it ever stop?

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