Amtrak Train, someone dies on the tracks

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Amtrak train to San Diego stopped because of accidental death

1. We stop 30 miles from San Diego at about 1:30 pm. Conductor goes out to investigate.

2. Conductor says there has been an accident and they’ve called the coroner. The coroner is never a good sign.

3. Word spreads through the train that someone somebody jumped in front of the train and died.

4. The conductor announces that we will be on the train for several hours and that no one may exit the train. We anticipate being on the train until midnight. People groan.

5. There is a rush on the café car.

6. Word spreads throughout the train that the jumper was a “trespasser.”

7. The fire trucks and police cars go away.

8. The conductor announces that we will be changing trains and that we need to pack up our stuff.

9. My ex husband’s ex girlfriend’s daughter is working on the train. She does not make eye contact with me although I just said hello to her outside Trader Joes last week.

10. People start drinking on the train.

11. The transfer train arrives; then it goes away again.

12. Someone asks me to explain everything that is happening in Spanish.

13. The conductor announces that the train will start again for San Diego.

14. We start off again a little before 3 pm.

15. We are now coming into Solano Beach.

16. I will arrive at my class LATE.

17. It is a beautiful day.

18. People are running with their dogs on the beach.

19. There isn’t really a good day to die.

20. Life is an adventure if you make it one. My life is one big adventure but not big enough. Yet.

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