Back in Los Angeles

Hawaii6 027

Its good to be home. We unpacked. We picked up takeout Indian food. I paid the bills. Did the laundry. Talked to the dogs. As much as I like travelling, getting home is good.
Here is why I am glad to get home:
1. My bed.
2. The garden; I like looking at it and thinking about gardening.
3. My books. I like to look at them and think about which one to read next—Pam Houston’s Waltzing the Cat.
4. Just being quiet and not needing to talk with anyone.
5. The dogs.
6. Silence.
7. Sleeping enough.
8. Slow moments—taking it slowly.
9. Just us.
10. Being. Just being.

I’m leaving in two weeks for New York for our NY readings. The next Red Hen reading is a Boreal reading in Hollywood that I hope you will all go to.
March 16, 2014 at 2:00pm
Los Angeles: Avenue 50 Studio
Boreal event featuring Melina Draper, Erin
Coughlin Hollowell, Susanna Mishler,
Nicole Stellon O’Donnell, & Peggy Shumaker.
131 N.

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