Where does great work come from?

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In the reading last night with Gary Snyder and Bob Hass it was clear that great writing comes from spending time in the woods. Maybe not the literal woods. Could be the metaphorical woods but actually a desert or a rocky coastline. But great ideas and writing emerges from time alone against the dissolving face of your own soul. Just when you think your own deepest ideas are out of reach, there you are, inside the thing you really ought to be saying.

So why are we all at AWP? Why are we mashing about in this pit of writhing writers who all want to climb up on the ladder and see out the window and see if there is still life going on outside Beckett’s tower of solitude? We believe in magic and we believe in creation and fire. But sometimes you have to come off the island into the city, into the maw of people and make some connections otherwise your work will not be talked about, no one will read it, no one will hear what you say.

Yesterday: Meeting with authors about marketing. Then at booth. Signing books. Then reading on the Patricia Olson stage for my new book The Goldilocks Zone. Then off to Hugo House for Red Hen reading. Then dinner with Bob Hass, Gary Snyder, Eva Saulitis, Peggy and Joe and Mark. Then drinks with Jen. Then the big reading with Bob Hass and Eva Saulitis and Gary Snyder which Peggy moderated. Then the AWP party with Ellen and Rinde Eckert.

All of these wild tendrils of longing. I am wearing short skirts. Dave and I drinking whiskey. Mark is sticking to Guinness. Last day. Mexican food tonight.

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