This week is becoming one crazy blur, publication party last night a great success

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The party last night was amazing. Bob and Lisa are terrific hosts. Yummy food including these platters of cheeses, there is one Brie in bread that is ridiculously delicious. The waiters were passing food and the bar was hopping, and there were hundreds of people, and we kept signing books until I was going to need another pen. It was the most amazing publishing party I’ve ever attended. Ron Koertge got up and spoke about how amazing Lisa’s and my books are and that was pretty nice of him. He is suave and debonair. Lisa read one of her poems and so did I.

This week I was at the Valley Hunt Club for lunch. I wore my special black coat that Mark bought for me the last time we were at the Valley Hunt Club. It’s a very old club in Pasadena and being there makes me a little anxious. I had my hair up to go for the whole –I’m an elegant adult—look. I was at a table with half men and half women and the men all sat together and the women all sat together. There was a talk about money and finance and the man giving the talk asked how often people check their stock balances and he said most people check quarterly. He said there are other people who are living paycheck to paycheck and they get paid every two weeks. I was pretty jealous of those people since I get paid every month and by the last week of the month, I don’t have any money left.

We sat across from the men who all wore ties and looked very smart. The Valley Hunt Club is quite elegant like many Pasadena clubs. I like the Athenaeum at Cal Tech because Einstein was there. When Einstein on the Beach came to Los Angeles, they said it was time for it to come because Einstein had been to Los Angles and L.A. had a beach. So it was time for Einstein on the Beach to come to L.A.

There was an amazing party Friday night on the roof of the Oviatt downtown and we toured all the rooms of that spectacular penthouse. David Ulin was there with his wife Rae, Janet Fitch, David Kipen and his girlfriend Colleen, Gary Snyder, Charlie Yu, Louise Steinman looking so lovely. The food and the drinks were nice; it was the most elegant party I’ve attended with the exception of the publication party that Lisa and I shared last night.

It felt like a rocket ship taking off. Like fireworks, before the moon’s rising, like all the stars coming out when you’re in the deep woods and you’re watching the firelight and then suddenly the fire dies down and you realize that it’s very dark and then your eyes adjust and you realize that you’re sitting under a blanket of stars. That was my feeling last night at the publication party, like, wow, this is happening, this is big and all these people are here to celebrate with us, and then the moon was rising, and you can’t see the stars any more but you know they’re all there and they’re watching you and the night is dark and glowing.

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