Publication Party tonight!

house hawaii 010

We are having a big house party this weekend with ten people at the house and we are partying and having a great time. We are exactly like those big house parties that they have in English stories like the Jane Austen novels. You can picture us with white gloves and parasols and tea sandwiches and lemonade, but it isn’t quite like that.

The big differences between our house party and those English house parties:

1. The grounds at our house are not as extensive as the grounds of an English country house.
2. The stables at our house are also not very extensive. The stable hands leave something to be desired.
3. What we have at our house which is similar is that we have a lot of wenches. Wenches here, wenches there, wenches everywhere.
4. The servants at our house are not really committed to their work. In fact, they are smoking in the back yard and they keep coming in for snacks and shots of tequila. I know what you’re thinking, Fire the help! But believe me that isn’t as easy as it sounds.
5. The horses at our house are inconsequential.
6. The lakes, ponds and other waterways are also not as extensive as they should be. We have a very small pond and we have a dog water bowl and we have a bird bath.
7. Our gardens are also not as developed as a country house in England. We have less lavender and fewer roses.
8. Our carriage drive is more of a little sidewalk. It doesn’t have room for four horses and carriages.
9. Our kitchens are a bit on the small side and completely devoid of scullery maids.
10. Our laundry room is small and there are no servants to do the laundry.
However, we are having a really great time at our house party! There are people on the floor, people on the couches, people in the library. The party is going to be great fun and we are going to sell a lot of books.

Party on!

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