Post marathon

kk 017 photo of Del Mar

We’re staying in Berkeley at the French Hotel. My legs are a little sore, but I plan to get a massage tomorrow and I want to see if I can do a fifteen mile run on Tuesday. We will see. Mark spent the afternoon at bookstores. I was just breathing. Yesterday after the marathon we started climbing in and out of tanks. The tanks were not cozy inside. They were cold and metallic and even if you had a uniform on, the tank would be very much like a small prison. When you are inside the tank, you have very small windows with which you can see the world. Out of those little windows the world looks yellow.

Next weekend is Lisa Krueger and my shared publication party in Pasadena. I am very excited about this party. The books, the chocolate, the broadsides, maybe Lisa and I will get up and read a poem or make a speech. The weekend of the publication party, our house is going to be one of those spectacular house parties for the whole weekend with eight of us, maybe even nine or ten, but at least eight. And then we all leave for Seattle.

For AWP. Should be fun. Should be a party. If you do AWP right, you have the following takeaways:
You’ve had some great conversations with other literary players with whom you share a common bond. You’ve had a few good drinks.
You saw a few people who you love and seeing them gave you great joy.
You discovered something new. A new literary magazine, press, book, author, who/which cracks you open.
You had a wild time.

I am looking forward to the publication party next weekend. It will be amazing.

Life is one big party for some people, it’s a movie for others, for some people, life is just plain boring. It’s all cornfields. For some it’s all ice. Whether or not, you like the life you are living depends mostly on what is going on in your head. It’s never boring where I live. I might not get enough sleep. I might wish for another glass of wine or sake, but it isn’t boring. Running smoothes me down. Running reminds me that I must always live in my body as well as in my mind.

But, it’s good to stop once in a while, to celebrate. We, in the literary world don’t spend enough time celebrating because we are waiting for something big to happen. We are waiting for the big national prize, publication, review. Until then, we are not celebrating, we’re having a beer and wishing. It’s no use wishing for a literary career. Very few people have a “career in literature,” very few. I prefer to think of a life of writing. Are you in the life of writing or out of it?

I’m just working on doing some writing, I want to read more, write more, think more. Run more. There is no career. Only life. And life is what I am looking at right now. Just life.

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