Happy Valentine’s Day


What people like to do for Valentine’s Day varies a lot. Some like going out to eat. That’s pretty common. Going out to expensive restaurants, giving and getting roses, jewelry, champagne.

Here is what I like for Valentine’s Day which is not going to happen this year, but in an ideal world, here is what I like:
1. Oysters fresh or Rockfeller or oyster shooters
2. Caviar—I know it’s so over the top but I love it.
3. Then for dinner, I like sushi. I know it’s a lot of fish.
4. Dessert: My favorite desserts are carrot cake, tiramisu, sorbet, granita, chocolate cake, key lime pie or mochi. Also chocolate covered strawberries especially if it’s white chocolate. That’s what I would normally have for Valentine’s Day, but today is going to be different. I’m hoping for a baked potato and fish.

What’s missing from Valentine’s Day with all the commercialism is tenderness. That’s all one really wants is someone who just wants to hold you and be with you and have a glass of wine with you or champagne, someone who thinks you’re it.

What if the person you are with doesn’t think you’re IT? What if they think you’re kind of boring? Well, you could make an effort to be less boring. But sometimes, the person you are with is done with you and it’s time to move on. That’s kind of sad, but we have this one life.

We’re in Paso Robles and we’re going out tonight for dinner. On the drive up, we have yummy crackers and it was kind of amazing because we never get to have snacks like that any more. So, it was nice.
After the marathon, we’re going to San Francisco for what will be my second SF trip this spring. I have two more: A reading at Mrs. Dalloways and one at City Lights.
This spring three trips to Seattle.
Four trips to San Francisco.
One trip to La Jolla.
Three trips to Chicago.
One trip to Albuquerque.
Two trips to New York.
One trip to London.
In Los Angeles, there’s the publication party next weekend with Lisa!, a reading with Kim Dower at the Annenberg Beach House and the reading at Diesel Books with Rex and a reading at Beyond Baroque and the Los Angeles Times Book Festival.

I think that’s it. The summer should be easy and then the book touring goes again in the fall. I plan to keep running sixty miles a week after the marathon. Practice on the trapeze and start yoga. Read more and get going on a new book. And edit librettos. And I have some great writing students this semester!
Life is a lot of fun.

Now for this marathon for tomorrow. I think I’m ready. Nicelle may be twenty years younger than me, but she was pretty intimidated when she saw my orange shoe laces. I had to tell her to calm down. She was almost overcome by the power of the laces. A marathon is a long run. I could just run to the airport with my suitcase. LAX is about 26.2 miles from my house. I need to sleep well tonight.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

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