My book Goldilocks Zone arrived two days ago looking spectacular.

greece3 002

My initial reading from the book itself is tonight at D.G. Wills with Lisa Krueger. I haven’t decided what poems to read, but I’m going to pick the good ones. Which should be so easy, right? I am very pleased to see all the places this reading is listed. Makes me feel special! Important! All over the place. Well, maybe it isn’t good to be all over the place, but it’s a hell of a lot better than being no place. Or no one. Although being no one has its virtues.

We’re all nobody. That’s why I don’t treat anyone like they are little people. Because I’m little people. Really, we’re all little people. It just depends on the circumstances. Where you are or who you are with. You’re little people to someone so why not just think of all of us as equal?

But back to these upcoming readings. I’m reading tonight at D.G. Wills at 7 pm and then on Tuesday at Boston Court in Pasadena at what is sure to be a spectacular reading because at that one, Lisa and I reading with Mark Wunderlich and the event is moderated by Dinah Lenney who is a poet and an actress.

While I ran my fifteen miles this morning, I thought about criticizing other people, something I’ve been known to do. All that means is that you wouldn’t do what they’re doing. You have different values, different ideas or different ways of making apple pies. You wouldn’t let your mother-in-law move in with you, or you wouldn’t go in debt for a Hawaiian vacation. You wouldn’t pay a dime for your kids for anything after they turn eighteen. You wouldn’t dream of getting married unless you were in a church. Or out of one. You have no respect for people who have quickie wedding instead of having a real ceremony. (This is a funny one because there’s no evidence that spending a lot on a wedding makes for a longer lasting or better marriage.)

Most of the time what you’re really thinking is, I like having a real wedding. I like tile floors rather than linoleum. I like houses with at least one room you can be comfortable in. I like going nude at Burke Williams. (My friend Karen gets all up on it when people are walking around in their suits at Burke Williams. “ It’s a goddamn spa!” She says, and she’s right, but, seriously, it is a spa, so relax, as I tell her maybe they aren’t as hot as we are?)

So relax and live and let live. It’s easier that way. A couple streets up there’s a guy with three cars on blocks, and his roof is covered with blue plastic to keep out the rain. I see it when I run by and think if this were my neighbor, I would have to say something like, Where are we? Tennessee? But I run by, sucking in the cold air and I think, Breathe Kate. Breathe in, breathe out.

I’ll see you at D.G. Wills or Boston Court!

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  1. Can’t wait to see it! The copy I ordered should be on its way…

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