Looking forward to a running weekend and reading at D. G. Wills

ghills and stuff 002

This weekend I’m going to Carolyn See’s birthday party this weekend which I’m pretty excited about. I have a dress picked out. Carolyn See’s book Golden Days was one of the first books that made me fall in love with West Coast literature. I like the sunshine and palm trees, the apocalypse, being thrown up against the beaches. See is a champion of literature on the West Coast. Her daughter Lisa See is a well loved writer as well. Should be a fun party.

We saw Barry McGovern playing I’ll Go On, last night at the Kirk Douglas Theatre. We went with our friend Jacqueline and we went to Ford Filling Station first. Barry is a ridiculously great actor. Other actors wish they could be this good. Becket tells us that there is no God, there is no dream, there is only our miserable existence and playing with rocks and going old. And yet, Becket is absolutely compelling. You enter his world and you don’t want to leave it.

I have some long runs to do this weekend. Plus that reading at D.G Wills on Saturday. While I run I like to do math in my head. Music and math have their own language.


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