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We are going to see a play tomorrow night at the Ahmanson. Plummer is best known for The Sound of Music, but he’s been in many movies, including the most recent one that we all remember is Inside Man with Plummer, my boyfriend Denzel Washington, my other boyfriend Clive Owen and the beautiful and talented Jodie Foster. I am looking forward to this play.

Sometimes I think that coming home and going to bed at 8 pm would be a good thing.

I like drama. But not in a life. I’m not fond of drama in life; it’s quite enough to watch it on stage. Falling in love is easy for most of us. You meet someone who appeals to you; you fall in love. What is much more difficult, what takes much more work is being in love. Being in love takes work. Because there is stuff you don’t like in a normal life. You don’t like how much money they make or don’t make. You don’t like how much time they spend you. They spend too much or too little. They don’t bring home the right food or paycheck or art or groceries. In short, they don’t completely understand you. You are unique, cool and special in ways your lover clearly doesn’t have a clue about. He/she is ignorant when it comes to what you need/want/desire now.

I think it’s always a good idea to speak up. Ask for flowers, music, sushi, lunch, tacos, scarves, toys for your dogs and vacations to Sicily. Be willing to give all this stuff yourself.

And yes, Valentine’s Day is coming up so here is Ron Carlson’s romantic poem on love which will advise you on your plans for love with your honey.

Elements of Courtship

Bring your beloved food.
Bring food
And put it there
By your beloved.
Take your beloved to
The food. Go
To places
Where food is.
Show your beloved food.
Point to food.
Bring it
To your beloved
Move food
To where
Your beloved is.
Keep bringing
kkh 023

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