We are going to hear the Bach minor mass at the Los Angeles Master Chorale tonight.


It’s going to be a stellar performance and I hear that it’s sold out. This goes to show that I still like religious music. I try to get others involved in sacred music as well. http://www.lamc.org/performances/2014-01-25-bach-b-minor-mass. Our friends Mike and Karen go with us to the Master Chorale and I gave choral music to Darlene for Christmas so she can experience it in New Mexico.

Last night we went to dinner at Villa Alloro in Beverly Hills with our friends Petra and Helmut. It was good food and she kept ordering this white wine which was cool and light and I loved it. Petra does writing workshops in schools in some of the more interesting parts of Los Angeles like Watts and Compton. And she creates art in her studio. Her Green Heart project makes it possible for writers and students across the world to try thinking about what is in their heart and hopefully what they find there is love. http://www.the-green-heart.com/home.php?myPage=home

It’s easy to spend time thinking, why does he/she do stuff like that? Everyone is different. Every day someone is doing something that would not be possible for you to do, something that would be way outside of your sense of integrity. Something that looks mean or fraudulent or just downright scary and stupid. There is this great line I always liked in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. I learned everything I needed to know in life from the Narnia stories. The old uncle says, “Why don’t we all try minding our own business?” That’s a good question to ask yourself. Is there a reason I’m so concerned about this? Is there a really good reason for me to be worked up about this? Is this any of my business?

I am a little worried about the marathon in less than three weeks. I’m running it with Nicelle who is twenty years younger than me and probably thirty pounds lighter. This concerns me only a little because I am looking on the bright side. The obvious problem is that she can almost certainly outrun me and I might be eating her dust for 26.2 miles and running along with a running buddy who is a lot lighter on their feet and faster might be a little disheartening. But here’s the bright side, because I am bigger than Nicelle and probably have an advantage because of the added weight, I can easily get her in a headlock. If she starts in on any comments on my pace or lack thereof, I figure I can handle her. I got this. In fact, just the fact that I have a lot of wrestling prowess from years of wrestling as a kid may deter her from wanting to make any remarks like, Speed up, Kate, you think 26.2 miles is a long ways? Try running an ultra marathon.

Ideally in training for a 100 mile ultra marathon, you can run at least 100 miles/week but many runners can’t do that much. Really? Why not? Kidding!

Hey, just training for a marathon is enough for me.


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