Kate Gale and Lisa Krueger reading at D.G. Wills on February 8th at 7 pm!

Be there! The first reading from the Goldilocks Zone and Talisman. It will be spectacular! You should come.


I’m listening to music as I drive all over and I’m thinking. My students generally like to write about music. They might not know their major or political party but they do know what food and music they like. When you’re in college, even what you like to do for fun changes every day. You like parties, you like to have fun. If you’re So Cal, you probably like the beach and hanging out with your friends and driving over to see your friends and meet new ones and all of that involves music.

For many people, the music they listened to when they were young will stick with them. When I was very young, I listened to classical and that’s still my home station, but then I got into rock, and later opera, and sometimes jazz. I never liked country or Western—is that the same thing? And I’ve heard enough gospel music for a lifetime. My students have varied musical tastes. Their parents mostly listened to rock, soul, R & B, or salsa and of course, church music.

Music fills in the lines for most people, it helps our thoughts along. It reminds us to be happy, it makes us remember fun times or sad times. I remember dancing to Prince in college and to Michael Jackson. My friends and I could do a mean moonwalk. And of course, MC Hammer, I could dance to that. When I’m bummed in my car, sometimes dance music is just the thing. On my iPod, there’s a lot of Black Eyed Peas and some Eminem too. He’s always singing about fighting and beating up his woman and being super angry about everything. He’s kind of the opposite of Smashbox. But, sometimes you’re angry, sometimes you’re sad.

When I’m writing, I like Bach, when I’m depressed I like Nina Simone, when I’m drinking wine I like Nina or Lauridsen or Dead Can Dance. Our whole family likes Leonard Cohen and we can listen to that one album all day long and we know the songs by heart. When it’s raining, I like Enya so I don’t get to hear a lot of Enya, but she’s a wet Irish singer so rain seems to suit her. I like Evelyn Glennie and Bjork, but not when I’m depressed because then you get too strung out in your head.

The point is that there is music for almost any time of day and almost any feeling. I want to listen to more music and expand my likes and dislikes. I only seem to discover maybe one person a year. Lila Downs. Ana Gabriel. Pink Martini. I’m very slow at finding new music that I like. Probably because I listen to the same channels all the time. IN 2014 I plan to expand my musical taste, try some Portuguese singer, someone from Istanbul, someone from Australia. You keep an eye on this blog for some of those music reviews.


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  1. Isn’t Feb 8th a Saturday?

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