Captain Picard doesn’t visit enough other planets.

pismo3 002

Instead he plays around on the holodeck. In the original Star Trek, Captain Kirk always visited other planets with the doctor and Spock. Even though Kirk’s the captain, he always visits the planets himself. He doesn’t like to miss being part of the away team; it’s his only chance to get laid and Captain Kirk needs to get laid. He’ll sleep with anyone even a green chick. He gets very busy with the girls, sometimes the girls are too young, sometimes too young, but nothing will stop the Kirk. It’s not clear why he always takes his first officer and his doctor. Why the doctor? That’s because the doctor is one of the main characters.

Captain Picard doesn’t visit other planets much? He likes to pretend he’s a detective in San Francisco. Like most detectives, he dresses in brown and he has a cool hat. He also has a hot secretary. He retreats to being a detective for fun when he gets bored with being a ship’s captain. He likes the Dixon Hill novels and being a character in them. There he can be adored by women and then go back to being on the ship. In one of the Star Trek movies where Picard meets with Kirk, we find out that Picard’s idea of heaven is to have a lot of kids and a wife. However in the TV show, he really dislikes kids and he doesn’t seem to want to get frisky with women at all. Women like Picard, but he doesn’t seem to think much of them.

So if you like a frolic on the holo deck, the Picard shows are for you.

There aren’t any TV shows that I really like. I like movies, but I can watch the Star Trek shows with Mark; they’re fun. Shows that other people like: Friends, Sex and the City, Seinfeld—they show these three shows all the time in hotel rooms, but I don’t get the appeal. Television is predictable and it has too many advertisements. It’s all about selling you stuff.

There’s a lot you can learn from Star Trek. Going where no man has gone can be a good thing.

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