The Wanda Coleman Tribute reading was amazing.

ghills and stuff 010

Readers including Laurel Ann Bogen, Ron Koertge, Michael Datcher, Jacke and Adelle Foley, Sesshu Foster, Robin Coste Lewis, Terrance Hayes, Brendan Constantine, Douglas Kearney, Suzanne Lummis, ending with Austin Straus; Stephen Kessler, it was magic. In the audience there was Janet Fitch, David Ulin, James Ragan, Adam Somers, Bill Mohr, Deena Metzger, Jackie Tchakalian, Lynne Thompson, Georgia Jones Jeffries, Patt Morrison, Eloise Klein Healy and Colleen Rooney, Terry Wolverton, so many friends of poetry. I was very happy to be there. It was a great reading and event. Sometimes you are glad to be involved in poetry, Charles Hood and Nicelle Davis drove down from the Antelope Valley and Jack and Adelle Foley had come down from San Francisco.

The Central Library is a great place for a reading, one of the most beautiful reading rooms in the city. Louise Steinman runs a tight ship and her events run well. This was a very celebratory event. Wanda would have been proud.

San Francisco was good. We enjoyed the Hockney exhibit. I was sick when we arrived in the Bay Area, so the first day we were going to meetings, Mark was driving me around the city and I was lying down my head was back, I could see a strange view of the city, all tops of buildings and I kept lying back and watching the building tops fly by. We would stop and I would take more medicine and I would ready myself and we’d go into the meeting. Mark had to go with me into the meetings because I was too staggery to go it alone. We did well at the meetings, and I went to Dean Rader’s class to speak about poetry, and I think that went well, but it was hard to say because I was kind of looped on Sudafed by that time. There is only so much Sudafed that you can take on before your brain starts to wobble.

I’m glad to be home for a while even though I’m starting back to teaching next week. And I need to get back on the running as soon as I am on my feet again so to speak.

I feel so grateful to have been here for the Wanda event. It was the kind of event that makes you glad you got into poetry in the first place.

I keep thinking about that Hershey Felder event the other night. The first time I ever saw him, I was with my son who was a teenager. I had tickets to the Geffen and we went but didn’t know what the event was until we got there. When I got there, and I realized it was a one man show, I thought, Oh this is not good, he may not enjoy this. It was Gershwin Alone; and let’s be honest, my son had never been a Gershwin fan. He didn’t dislike Gershwin, but he was more a Zeppelin fan. We saw the show and my son was transfixed. We stayed for an hour afterward so my son could buy a CD and have Hershey sign it. We bought a ticket to his next show which was Chopin. If you can mesmerize a sixteen year old boy all by yourself, you’ve got something going for you.

Here’s to poetry, to art, to music and to feeling better and getting enough sleep.

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