Portland is wet.

kkkl 116

Very wet. We drove down from Seattle today. And it rained and poured all the way down from Seattle. It rained so ridiculously hard that we could not see out the windows. I was glad not to be driving. We kept stopping to get coffee and Washington has some great coffee. We stopped at a Mexican market outside Seattle to get some Mexican pastries, this bread filled with pumpkin which was excellent.

Our friend Steph had invited us to stay with her and even offered to loan us a car, but we have our rental Subaru which seems to be driving pretty well in the rain. Steph has always invited us to stay with her wherever she has lived and since she only lived with us three months and our son lived with her for three months, I actually think she’s way ahead of us in the generosity department. She has a very cute little house and I will be interested to see what she does with the garden.

So this whole trip we’ve been staying with friends. Last night we stayed with our friends Irv and Cheryl outside Seattle. Mark got to go to Pike Place with Irv and tour the Boeing plant, and he had a great time. Tomorrow we fly home and we don’t take off again until Wednesday, but then we are driving to SF so driving doesn’t feel like flying so it’s not the same kind of travelling. Flying is oddly more work than driving in some way. We’re going to see the Hockney retrospective.

I need to finish this book, that’s the main thing. And the semester is starting soon. Portland is wet. It rains quite a bit here, the ground is soaked and there is moss creeping up on the steps and on the porch. I like the smell of the air.

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