I came home to roses blooming in my front yard.

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I ran a half marathon today as a sort of warm up to what I hope will be a longer run tomorrow. It’s a lie to say the jasmine are blooming. They still need another couple of weeks, but the roses are all sweet and flower. The roses smell wonderfully pink and sweet. Good run today, but I need to get going on working out for 2014. Seriously, it’s time to quit shuffling around as I was in 2013 and get serious about everything. Life, the universe and everything.

We got in last night so exhausted, I thought I was going to need to be carried across the doorstep. It was kind of like being stepped on and run over all at the same time. Something about those many hours in one airport after another that feels like being you got walked on. I was staggering, I wanted to go back to the womb, or the bed, one of those. We both needed a bath and bed. To make our lives wonderful, Jared picked us up at the Burbank Airport and got us home. God, it was so great to see him.

Tomorrow night we are flying to Seattle, then Portland then home for a couple days then we go to SF. But then we’re home for a few weeks. I like being home. I really want to work on our garden; I have big plans for the garden. Right now it’s partly sleeping, but we have lilies coming up and I think the lilies will be blooming soon.

The dogs missed us especially the boxer. She was crying for us; she missed us. She’s not going to be happy when we take off again. But when we’re back for a while, she’ll cheer up.

Los Angeles is warm, but where we’re going next is wet. In the Northwest it’s supposed to rain every day that we’re there. I am going to run in the rain up there and I’m hoping to eat salmon. I really like getting some great smoked salmon when I’m up there, but sometimes it doesn’t happen.

I’m visiting the Whidbey program to speak on editing. It’s a nice writing program on the island, and I visit there every year and eat blackberries and salmon. The students are nice. They’re really friendly. It’s a small friendly writing program. It’s a very beautiful location for writing. The island is a good place to think.

When people choose writing programs, there are many things to consider. Location is one. The faculty is another. The reputation of the school is a third. I think that the Nebraska MFA students choose the program based on all three. They have someone they want to study with, they want to be in the Midwest and they feel certain they can turn their education into a writing life.

We’re going to stay with our friends Irv and Cheryl in Washington although I’ll be at the Captain Whidbey some of the time, and in Portland, we’ll stay with our friends Steph and David. Looking forward to this whole trip. Today, packed, un-packed, bought stuff, did the errands. I’m still tired. But tomorrow I’ll be ready to fly. Ready to run. Ready for life.

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