kkh 022 Red Hen staff party

Back to Los Angeles tomorrow and we are home for two whole days before we fly to Seattle and Portland. We are up there for a quick trip and will be back on Sunday and then we are staying home for a while, well, we’re staying home three days and then a quick trip to San Francisco to see the Hockney show, check on the girls and drop galleys. Then we are home until my marathon mid February.

I have been swimming here instead of running but I think that I’ll be more ready for this marathon than usual. The other four I wasn’t ready as I could have been. The first one I even walked some, the second one I got rained on the whole time so that was a drag, the third was a trail marathon which was pretty rough, the fourth I barely made it because my feet wanted to wuss out. This is my fifth marathon and I hope that this one will be the best so far. It’s not easy to be a runner, writer, editor, and all around decent person so the decent person part had to go. It was stressing me out, but I’m going to try to be stellar in those other areas.

Mark says, why don’t you come outside? There’s a warm pocket of air out there, you should come and feel it. I know better. It is ten below here in Nebraska City. The only warm pocket of air is the one we are flying to tomorrow when we fly home to Los Angeles. He thinks he’s so tricky, but I know not to listen, when he says that he’s going to close his eyes while he’s driving and can I watch the road, I don’t watch the road, I close my eyes and pray out loud. He’s not a big fan of my prayers.

We’ve been living in this hotel room for nine days and it’s funny, it feels like we’re two explorers in a tent in the wilderness what with the fact that it’s too cold to go outside and the food includes bison and potatoes. We haven’t tried the bison, but we hear good things. Bison is growing in popularity, but of course, it doesn’t hold a candle to beef which Americans, especially here in the Midwest eat in amazing quantities. Here they like beef hot, they like it cold, they like it rare, they like it well, they like it medium.

In America, there are 7.3 million vegetarians and 22.8 million follow a vegetarian inclined diet. I like that definition. I am for example inclined to be a sexy woman, I’m inclined to be a thin woman and a brilliant woman. Unfortunately since I’ve been here at residency, my night partying is on a bit of an incline as well especially now that David got me into the Old Fashioned which I really liked and could have gotten going with.

The Old Fashioned is one of the five drinks every man should know and presumably every bartender should know how to make for men. The other drinks on the list of manly alcoholic beverages are Tom Collins, Sidecar, Martini and the Manhattan. I like vodka martinis and I love Sidecars.

Kim and I are going out for Ketel One Martinis at Mussos when I get back. Sadly, the menu at Mussos has been ruined and the food is no longer worth eating. They had the same menu for years and then they wrecked it. We’re going in to check on the bartending though. Mussos is my place to go with Teresa. She’s in Texas now, probably eating bison.

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