Freemasons for Dummies

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This happens in business never at our MFA program.

In the Houston Airport, we saw a fat man reading Freemasons for Dummies. We watched him for a while and even talked with him. He was taking it all seriously, he wanted to understand the freemasons and that’s why he was reading. He wanted to sign up or he was already a freemason, but not a very bright one. Some freemasons might be slow and need to understand the world in which they live. I like to think that he’s trying to get the rules right.

Stuff about Masons you should know in case you also want to join the order and do not want to read Freemasons for Dummies.

They will not testify truthfully against each other.

They have a secret handshake and secret passwords. ( I knew this.)

Their rituals involve a noose

Women are not allowed to be freemasons. It is only for men.
They are obsessed with the sun
They exclude atheists.
They work to control politics and finance in various countries.

Are Masons good guys or bad guys? It depends on what you are hoping will happen and who you think should rule the world.

Other weird stuff that happened on our trip. We met this guy on the plane on the way to Houston. He was going home. He was an oil man, a large oil man. He was a Republican. His father was a “raging Democrat,” and that was very frustrating to the oil man. He said that oil companies want to do the right thing. They want to take care of the planet and they want to make a profit. Those two should co-exist. He said that anyone who thinks otherwise is wrong. They are completely wrong. The oil companies, mean us no harm. That is obvious. The Matt Damon movie that was anti fracking was completely funded by Middle East oil and that is because the people in the Middle East who work in oil (bad guys) want to stop the U.S. from developing our own oil sources. The oil from the Dakotas is dependent on fracking. The Middle East oil guys want to stop fracking which would free the U.S. from needing Middle East oil. Fracking, the large Houston oil man explained to us, has been around for fifty years and uses less water than growing corn in Iowa which won’t even be eaten but is mostly for alternate energy which he said is useless. All of it. Winder energy, solar energy, it’ all useless. We can never make enough of it to compete with oil. The large Houston oil money man told us that his father, the Democrat was not a smart man in spite of working in the Houston oil fields for forty years, his father was an idiot, he can’t even bear to talk politics with his father. The large Houston oil money man was on the way back from Maui with his family. He had a good time in Hawaii. He was ready to go back to work. Back to managing fracking.

Nebraska has snow. A lot of snow on the ground and it’s so cold you can’t go outside the hotel unless you’re all bundled up. Which I’m not. I stay in the hotel. I swam nearly three hours this morning and I plan to do this again tomorrow to start off the day right. Nebraska is cold. I’m trying to understand what I can here about writing, life, the universe and everything. But I don’t have Freemasons for Dummies, so there is a limit to what I can learn.

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  1. I suggest you look here if your too lazy to open a book to learn the facts. have a look around and read the primer on freemasonry. You’ll learn there is no noose, freemasons obey the law no matter what and are not in the slightest involved in politics.

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