Getting ready to go to Nebraska.

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Getting ready to go to Nebraska. In the winter, Mark and I go to Nebraska together for ten days for the Residency at the MFA program. At night it will be down to 7-10 degrees. We don’t go out at all in Nebraska, and I’m not sure what we would do if we went out. I suppose we could walk around in the cold and freeze our asses off, but I’m glad to stay in the hotel. I like swimming in the hotel’s Olympic pool and drinking coffee and meeting with the students. The students make the program interesting; and my two students this last session—Dave and Marie are simply fabulous. I can’t wait to see them again. I like the bartenders at the hotel. I really like the bartenders at Marvel Bar in Minneapolis, Angel’s Share in the Village and Nomi’s in Chicago. But the bartenders at the Lied Lodge in Nebraska are good; they make some interesting drinks and decent martinis. What I like at Nomi’s are these martinis with blue cheese olives and a thin sheen of ice on top. That ice convinces me of the skill of the bartender.

We had a good Christmas; being with Tobi and Molly was great. They have so much amazing energy and I am so happy being around them. Being around my daughter and her girlfriend feels like a party. The best kind of party. And Steve calling from Australia was a great bonus.

My ex came over to the house yesterday and he stayed for a couple days. Now he’s going over to Molly’s parents to spend the night there. He likes to hang out with other people. He’s a friendly sort.

I didn’t get any of my book list for Christmas, but I got other books and other stuff. I can’t complain. My friend Lisa gave me this outfit that is simply spectacular. I thought I was kind of past scarves, but my friend Kim gave me a scarf that’s in its own category. I even received that book of nothing that has Emily Dickinson ephemera. Some people would say it’s the kind of book you spend about five minutes with and then what do you do with it? You can’t read it. It’s sort of bits and shreds of Emily’s life. But if you like that sort of thing than it makes a fine coffee table book that you pick up from time to time and feel that you’re entering a fragmented world and in that world everything is whispering at you from pages like the life you could have had but didn’t, like the stories you could have written but haven’t yet.

I like reading books that make ideas spool and unspool. If you are reading something and it wakes you up, it’s a good book. If it makes you go to sleep, it’s not a good sign. We should write stories that awaken us, stories that disturb. If you aren’t disturbing someone, you’re living your life wrong.

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