I am finishing a book this year

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Finishing a book is a lot harder than starting one. Starting a book is like starting a baby. It’s the fun part. But then there’s the long haul where you have to raise that child. That takes a lot of time and there are very rough patches during which you have to really hang in there. This has been a year for finishing writing projects, and next year, I plan to start a new one.

A lot of people are coming to our house on Christmas Day so we are thinking about what to serve. It’s hard to figure out because there’s going to be Christmas dinner and we want the people coming to that to be very hungry. Christmas dinner at our house is a lot like Thanksgiving. Mark’s son is vegetarian and my daughter’s girlfriend is gluten free and dairy free so they both are. So we figure if we make turkey, cranberries, stuffing, tamales, vegetables and chilies and of course, several pies, that should do it. There should be something for everyone.

I plan to run Christmas morning. I’ve been running on the beach every day here, and I feel pretty good running here. Running by the waves is the best because you can taste the ocean and the ocean air. Now that it’s the weekend, a lot of people are surfing and there are a lot of people with jet skis. The ocean water temperature is 54 degrees. So far I have not gone swimming, but I am thinking about it. I don’t want to catch pneumonia but I don’t want to disappoint anyone who thinks I’m going to jump into the ocean. I may have fans who think I’m going to go for a swim. Who am I to disappoint them? I could just go out for a quick swim beyond the wave line. The waves here are huge, much bigger than any ocean I’ve swum in for a long time. I can’t remember the last time I saw ocean waves this big. Hawaii? Maybe. Big waves call me. Last Christmas I went swimming off Cannon Beach. That seems a long time ago.

We have been spending very little on food here because we’ve just been getting takeout, but tomorrow night we are going to dinner at Giuseppe’s. Mark would have been fine with going out every night, but I have been too tired so I wanted to just do takeout. I am starting to feel a little better. I’m not quite as exhausted and I don’t feel like I’m about to fall over while I’m walking. Which I did when I left Los Angeles. I felt like I could hardly think. Mark and I kept talking about the press and stuff we needed to do before the close and the words kept piling up around me like mountains I could not see across.

I have so much to do over this break that it’s like wading a river. Fortunately I can wade and I can swim.

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