I just left Jones Coffee to come to Starbucks.

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It makes me sad! But Jones has no wifi! And I like to work at coffee shops. So I reluctantly left the super cool Jones atmosphere to come to Starbucks where the music is fairly bad. (However Jones smelled really bad today the bathroom was rank, I didn’t go in there but it was making that whole part of the place smell evil. So I escaped that. But I still love Jones, its warehouse atmosphere, its lefty employees, it’s whole attitude of being cooler than other coffee shops.

The whole blurry thing about the holidays is that you can start to feel like you’ve been rushing around for hours and haven’t gotten anything done. But if I get a chance to sit with coffee, I like to rocket through some work so when I get home I can maybe relax or something.

I had lunch today with Percival Everett who is one of the smartest people I know but in a super low key way. He is never showing off or telling you what awards he’s won or how famous or he is or how people are clamoring for him to do this or that. Some people are always up for telling you more of their fame and glory and you want to hear it, you really do, and you want to applaud and stand up and shout out for them, maybe even stamp your feet or do a little dance, but you simply can’t because the words, the many words have simply weighted you down like bricks and you can’t actually move your feet. Even your arms and torso have started to feel thick and heavy. It’s so much more wonderful when someone else can sing your praises. Because if you have to do it yourself, it shaves off some of the cool ice.

Dinner last night at Mike and Ann’s with Dana Gioia and his wife Mary and their very smart son who is a student at Stanford. Dana likes USC and Pasadena as I expected he would. You can actually walk around Pasadena unlike most parts of Los Angeles where people drive literally everywhere. Trader Joes is three blocks away? Drive there. Starbucks is across the street? Drive there. Maybe because it’s too cold to get in our cars? Yeah right, it’s been in the eighties all week, in fact we ate outside on the patio last night and it was fine. Al fresco dining in December. That’s Los Angeles.

If you are a genius, you shouldn’t have to tell everybody that you’re a genius, you should just exude it. As my daughter said to me today, “The only time I get depressed is when I think maybe I’ve got the coolness turned up too high. It might be too much for some people; then I just turn it down a notch.”

Good advice you cool people out there, turn it down a notch. You might be too sexy.

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    I just left Jones Coffee to come to Starbucks. | Kate Gale: A Mind Never Dormant

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