Great party last night

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Great party last night went to 1 in the morning, then finally the guests started to slip away. We made chili and manicotti and people brought super yummy desserts which were great. There was some great wine and some even better bourbon.

Today I went on an eight mile run, not much of a leg stretch but good for a Sunday morning. I’m going to an art show/party and then we’re going to the Messiah with friends. Some people bring along a book so they can sing along with the Messiah. No book necessary for me. I know the whole thing by heart. I don’t plan to sing the whole thing, maybe just the Hallelujah Chorus. What I was always told growing up was the Messiah was dictated to Handel by God, but the Hallelujah Chorus he heard the angels sing. Good to know. I’ll be okay today with hearing the Los Angeles Master Chorale.

I was thinking when I was running this morning about the idea of cell mates. People talk about soul mates and how many soul mates can you have? Plus the idea of a soul mate is pretty gushy for me. What I think is that you find someone that you’re crazy mad for and they’re made of similar stuff, like you both eat moon bread and you like the taste of it.

But cell mates? I like that idea because it refers to people who have done time together. Maybe even hard time. Sometimes, cell mates are pretty obvious. My ex and my husband and I have huddled around our beer steins figuring out how to raise teenagers, going through the ache and pull of it. And we survived so we’ve been cell mates. My friend Nicelle and I are cell mates. Hard to explain that one except we’re doing time in the service of poetry and it isn’t easy. There are few things about poetry that are easy and that’s why people like to avoid it. Reading poetry isn’t easy and understanding it isn’t easy and let’s not talk about writing the poetry. That takes sorting, work and mashing the language.

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  1. Gosh! thank you so much for this, Kate. Your statement, “There are few things about poetry that are easy and that’s why people like to avoid it” hit me like a bracing splash of cold water on a hot day. And I love your concept of cell mates … I will have to share that with the members of my own “cell” — the surviving threesome from a larger poetry group that met for a decade and then suffered a diaspora when members’ spouses took jobs out of the Bay Area. Now we connect electronically … but the walls of our cell still contain us!

    I was at a reading of one of Red Hen’s poets, Tess Taylor, just the other night. She spoke highly of you, and so this morning I decided to look for you in cyberspace. Glad to see your blog, and will investigate the archives … when I am not about to head for my day job.

  2. See David Mamet’s Edmond… It explores the intersection between soulmates and cellmates.

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