What do Americans like to do when they have a break?

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For vacations? Holidays? For retirement?
Well, nearly 40% of Americans plan to work until they die. They won’t be able to retire. And maybe that’s a good thing. How many more golfers do we need?

For many Americans, retirement simply isn’t going to happen anytime soon. As they say, 80 is the new 60. Keep working if you want to stay indoors.

And that’s a good thing for people who like what they do. I have no dream of retiring. I write and edit and do some teaching. That’s the plan. I keep doing those things. There are jobs you might want to retirement from: Police, fire fighting, and EMT workers for example might love their work, but at 60 it might be a little tough to keep it going.

But what about Americans who can afford to retire? What about you, looking forward to the upcoming holidays? What do Americans like to do? Well, quite a few of them like watching television. Yes, many Americans if given some time off will simply sit on the couch watching television. Or playing video games.

It’s pretty rare to hear someone saying they’re going to retire so they can read more, hike more, paint more, or even travel to more countries. You’d think that more of us would want to broaden our minds rather than our belt line but sadly that doesn’t seem to be the case.

For the holidays, I plan to spend time with my family, run more, read more and –sadly—drink some great wines. We’re having a party this Saturday for Red Hen Press and if you haven’t received an invitation and you want to come, just email me and I’ll see if we can add you to the list. Hopefully people bring some awesome wines. I also like tequila. We’re going to Nebraska in December and let me tell you, there won’t be any tequila there. Nebraska is more of a beer and bourbon state.
My mother-in-law is coming to the party on Saturday. We see her a couple times a year.

When you get older, you become more the person you always were. More vapid. Meaner. More judgmental. More selfish. More of a narcissist.

Or more accepting. More introverted. Or kinder and more loving.

I hope I don’t become crazier. More likely to wear odd clothing. My grandmother wore a flowered hat and sweater at my grandfather’s funeral with checked pants. I hope I’ll become shockingly brilliant but you can’t count on that and I tell my husband not to get too anticipatory.

I’m working on being my own best self now so that I can be even more so later.

I like this list of the differences between American values and the rest of the First World.
U.S. Values Some Other Countries’ Values
Personal Control over the Environment
Time & Its Control
Future Orientation
Action/Work Orientation
Practicality/Efficiency Materialism/Acquisitiveness Fate
Human Interaction
Group’s Welfare
Birthright Inheritance
Past Orientation
“Being” Orientation


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