Born on the 4th of July

KK 269
Coming into LAX

Tom Cruise was good in this movie. I forgot how good he was in this. We hadn’t seen this for a long time, so we saw this tonight after seeing Ron Kovic at Blasé Bonpane’s house for dinner last night. Ron Kovic has been to many protests and has been arrested and spent some time in jail for protesting. His girlfriend Terry Ann is beautiful. Haskel Wexler was at the dinner party as well. He’s a great cinematographer and has so much energy.

I’m going to be glad when the semester ends and I can get a good night’s sleep and maybe catch up on breathing. In our culture we breathe when we have time, we sleep when we have time, we spend time with our loved ones when we have time. These should be high on our list: Reading, sleeping, being with our loved ones, but somehow work and driving to work and back suck up our lives.

One of the most difficult parts of the holiday season is shopping and choosing what to get for people. Some years, it’s all very clear to me, I come up with all these great ideas and it all just comes together, but some years like this one, I’m just wandering around in the sea and I can’t really come up with a coherent list. I come up with ideas for a few people and then I lose the thread. You want to get the right presents that are going to absolutely delight people, but it’s not easy.

Now a lot of the shopping is done online. About half of the shopping Americans will do for Christmas this year will be online. Online is easier but I’m convinced it’s more expensive. But it’s so annoying to have to go to stores and stand in line. I really dislike malls. Malls make me tired. I can only take an hour or so in a mall and then I can’t stand it. This year I’m not going to any malls for shopping. I just can’t stand the number of people drifting around thickly in the stores and all over the place.

A lot of people do the online dating as well. We live in a virtual world. The thing about the virtual world is that you can find someone online to date and everything can seem perfect, but things still don’t line up. The passion has to be there too for it to all fly, the wild passion that carries you forward. That’s what you float on and that’s what gets you through the bad times and there are always bad times.

More than 50% of Americans say that they lie about themselves when they are doing the online dating. That seems like it could create some problems. When you show up, isn’t the person going to know you’re lying? America’s a great country, but we like to make things up.

Maybe that’s the best thing and the worst thing about America. We like to make things up.

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