The Movie Before Sunset

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The movie Before Sunset. If you ever find a man who likes this movie, really likes it and is willing to see it more than one time, and that man is straight, I want to meet him. I want to ask how straight. It is the talkiest, chattiest, non plot chick flick I have ever seen in my whole life. I have never seen any movie with so much blah blah blah and so little as the French would say, je ne sais quoi. It’s really very much a movie where this couple talk and talk and talk. In Greece. And Ethan Hawke’s shirt is untucked the whole time. Half untucked. Why? No one knows.

I mean my spouse and I talk but really, we stop sometimes. We go to work, we watch a movie, we go to sleep, we get it on, I mean they never get it on because they are too busy fighting.

Here’s what they fight about: The cheating, the fact that she wants to get married and he doesn’t, the kids, the exes, she wants to work at a cool job, he doesn’t want her to, he wants to move to Chicago, she wants to live in Paris. He wants sex. She says he’s boring in the sack. That is not something you want to hear from your French wife. You get to see a lot of her breasts and she points out to him that she is not good looking which is such a frightful ploy for attention which women do all the time. We like to say things to men like, Do you think I look fat? Do you think I look old? Do you ever look at other girls? Do you ever think about other girls? Do you ever think about that insanely good looking Playboy bunny waking by us right now? Do you think she looks good in that teeny tiny skirt and those boots and that tiny top that shows off her whole tan waist? My husband says, She looks terrible. She looks revolting. Thank God you never go around looking like that honey. I would be ashamed.

God he’s such a terrible liar. Anyway, we did our fair share of fighting in the first part of the marriage. Our exes were not fun in the beginning and then eventually we got along quite well with my ex but we still had plenty to fight about: The press, the kids, money or the lack thereof, on vacations we would fight. We didn’t have enough money, we have four kids and a non profit press and we had no one to help us except my ex. Rough times. Now honestly there is less to fight about. If we start, then he says, Do you really want to fight? And then sometimes I say, No, but just acknowledge you’re wrong.

I can be a lot of fun, I grant you that. But the fact is, I do not want to fight any more. It bores me. I want to enjoy life and fighting is really not fun. I like my life a lot better when we’re getting along. But in this movie they fight with a vengeance. And there’s entirely too much talking. Maybe I’ve seen too many action movies and now when I watch a movie I want a story. I want something to actually happen. If I’m going to watch a chick flick, give me Stranger than Fiction or The Hours or even Much Ado About Nothing. I like to think that I can watch a quieter movie, but there is s

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  1. I commend you, Kate, for getting through the entire film. I stopped watching after 30 minutes and then dubbed “Before Sunset” the film to see should you be longing for a man. It made me feel so glad to be single.

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