Some cities are male, some are female


Some cities seem male, other cities seem female. I’m hoping that I can get some people to disagree with me on this, but here goes. Chicago is a male city. Washington DC male. Paris: Female. Savannah: Female. New Orleans: Definitely female. San Francisco: Queer. New York City: Male. Dallas and Houston: Male. Los Angeles: Female?

Some cities are harder to figure out their gender. Austin, Texas. San Diego? Not sure. Maybe some cities are gender neutral.

Los Angeles is a city that feels male to me because it is about money not about emotions. Seville, Cordoba and Ronda are female cities. Venice and Florence: Female. Rome is obviously a male city. Athens: Male.

Holidays are difficult for people. You can sense that combination of joy and tension. When holidays come around, we know that we should be with our families. We remember the great times that we had when the kids were young and we had the holidays together as a family, but life changes. We don’t have holidays with four kids; that’s the deal, kids grow up. At some point, the holidays morph. You have the holidays with whatever kids are available and that’s what you do.

The tension around the holidays is the strain between what you think the holidays should be and the holidays actually are. The fact is that what people want for the holidays is It’s a Wonderful Life, what they want is a television idea of what happiness around the holidays should be.

In an ideal world, your kids love you and they want to be around you for the holidays. Ideally, you’ve thrown down completely for your kids. Ideally you’ve done your best to raise your kids and they love you. But that doesn’t mean that you can get together for the holidays every year after they’re grown. I think the biggest disappoint people feel is if they missed some of the years they should not have missed with their kids. There is no good reason to walk away from your kids. They’re your life. But even if you tried to do everything as well as you could, once they grow up, it’s not going to all be perfect. This Christmas we will have two of the four kids with us. My son is still in Oz; I want to go visit him.

This time is the best time of the life. That’s what we need to remember. It’s not getting any better than now. So it’s good to enjoy the holidays you’re going to have this year. This night is the only night it’s going to be December 5th, 2013 and I’ll be on this Virgin flight back from Chicago. Flying back to this husband who is waiting for me. There is a past, there is a future, but now, right now is the best part.

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