December 5th, 2013 is William Goldstein’s birthday, Happy Birthday Billy!

KK 224

Tomorrow is William Goldstein’s birthday! He is our talented marketing guy and he is with me in Chicago. Well, not with me at this moment, but he is attending the meetings with me. I hope he is going home to Los Angeles to get his party on but maybe he’s going to keep the serious celebrating for the weekend.

Chicago is cold, but it was only in the forties when I ran 5 miles this morning. As I got back to the house at 6:30 am, I said to myself, all this running is getting a little strange. I wonder if it’s good for me. There was no good answer.

Chicago is always kind of fun; I like the cool air. I wish I had time to go out for Russian food which I love so very much. But I don’t have time for dinner at all.

We’re seeing Britten’s The Prodigal Son on Friday night after we go to a party and before we go to sushi. I don’t want to get too wasted with the sake because I have a 17 mile run Saturday morning and that’s a real stretching of the legs.

For those of you not good at giving gifts, here we go, helpful tips.

1. For anybody who you need to mail their gifts, just use Amazon. That way you don’t have to go to the post office or UPS which is super annoying. Plus you have to box and tape and all that stuff. Who needs it?
2. For people who you have no clue what to get I recommend mugs, special coffee, tea, if they like cooking, then special oils and special vinegars.
3. What I like to receive—I really like lotions and all that girly stuff.
4. Jewelry is touchy, you can go wrong unless you know someone’s taste.
5. I like chocolate. Chocolate is almost always a hit.
6. Other cool gifts that are expensive—the complete James Bond movies—that’s pretty nice. The complete Oceans Eleven movies for people who don’t take life seriously.
7. Collections of cheeses and other gourmet foods.
8. Guys—music, a Shuffle is nice.
9. Socks and gloves.
10. But the most important gift to give anyone in your life is books.

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