Living alone would not be my thing

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Living alone wouldn’t be my thing. I’m by myself for a few days and I can see I don’t fare well alone. I don’t like fast food and I don’t want to just cook for myself so I just heat a little soup and scavenge the kitchen for some juice and call it a night. If I lived alone, I wouldn’t cook at all, and I wouldn’t start eating takeout or fast food because takeout gets really old. I would eat tuna out of the can and maybe I would eat canned salmon on special nights. On nights when I was depressed, I would eat canned mackerel or canned herring. I’d eat oranges for dessert.

I’d listen to Nina Simone and watch excellent movies like I am right now. Young Frankenstein is a really good movie. My kids grew up telling each other, “Your brain is Abby Normal.”

You can learn a lot from watching movies. Do you have your own brain or half a brain or somebody else’s brain? As kids we were told that our brains were the size of both of our hands put together as fists. I have very large hands. Do you know what big hands mean? Big gloves.

Are you making anything in the world or merely passing through? I am making something, every day, not just taking up space on the planet. I like being around other people who are changing the world. I can feel their heart beating and their brain humming.

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  1. Young Frankenstein is on my list of the top five movies ever made!

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