Things get bad? Run away!

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At some college where I taught there was a sign by the faculty copy machine that said, “If this machine stops working do not walk away from it.” I wrote in a single word,

Still thinking about suffering. While I run 60 miles/week and recover from Thanksgiving food.

Maybe because I’m running so much. Kidding. Actually running cheers me up. It’s acting on the world and when I am acting on the world, I feel added optimism; I feel like, yeah, it’s going to be okay. I got this. But when I’m not running, I sometimes start thinking, what is going on?

I made a turkey soup out of the turkey carcass and it is great. I am eating it every day and I love it. What I did was I cooled the broth and slicked off the fat and then in the broth went with the carcass and onions, garlic and a lot of chopped green fire roasted chilies. Because Mark had put all the spices in the turkey, the turkey and green chilies made an amazing combination.

Should we accept the things that are not right in ourselves, in our lives, in the world, or try to change them? We cannot change everything. We cannot eliminate all suffering. The best we can do is to treat those nearest to us with respect, compassion and integrity.

I’m a big fan of fixing yourself first. And that’s what I’m working on.

Mark is leaving tomorrow for the Guadalajara Book Fair to work on foreign right sales and I am leaving for Chicago this week to meet our sales reps at the University of Chicago. It’s about 45 degrees in Chicago, so that’s going to be fun. I’m thinking moving to Chicago is out of the question for me; it’s just too cold and there is no ocean nearby.

I need an ocean so I can get away if necessary. That’s what I’ve always thought, and it’s ridiculous because I have no boat. And even if I had a boat, it’s hard to imagine where one would go in one’s boat that would be safe. You need water to stay alive so going out on a boat to save yourself might not be the best idea.

The reason Californians think like this is that we live in an apocalyptic state. Things can happen here. Earthquakes, fires, floods –those things can happen here—and you might need to get away. That’s why I have my escape plan which involves which freeway I would get on to get away. I also have an emergency backpack in the car. What I should have is extra water so I can get away. I could survive without food for a while (about 16 miles of running) but water is necessary for life.

I like to know where I can run to and how quickly I can get out of town. In movies, you have a getaway car, that’s what we all need in certain situations: Fire, flood, earthquake, bad relationships, people get mad at you, you’re just not having fun any more, you’re confused, you’re white knuckling it through your life and you don’t know why, if any of these happen, what I whisper to myself? Run away!

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