Happy Thanksgiving


We have been having a great day relaxing in our own way. I wanted to run 20 miles, but I only ran 16 miles. I simply ran out of gas like a little car running on empty. I needed some more energy and this whole low carb situation isn’t really convenient for long distance running. I can do a 10, a 12, even a 16, but actually after a half marathon, I’m tired. I’m going to try next week to do a 20 but with a little carb shot at maybe the half way mark. After the run, we worked on the garden for a while and then had our dinner which was good. I am trying to get our garden ship shape, but it isn’t easy.

My sweet potato pie worked out quite well. But we need to get these sweets out of the house. No kids here to eat it and I don’t want the pies sticking to my thighs. The apple pie was good, but the cherry pie needs more practice.

I like to think about challenges. Especially when I have a day off.

The most interesting things one can do in one’s life are also the most challenging. If you want to make your life more challenging and more interesting, here are some suggestions:

1. Get married. Marriage is amazing and wonderful, but it is also challenging. It isn’t easy. It does not make life simpler. Just more interesting.
2. Have children. Being a parent is a lot of work especially if you do it right and commit to staying with it through thick and thin. Having children has been the most challenging part of my extremely challenging life. But easy? Not so much.
3. Start something big and crazy and out of control that could change the world and will definitely change you. Make your life huge and wild and messy.
4. Be a giver. Give till it hurts. Keep giving. Hoarding is safer; hoarding is much easier. Hoarding makes your life feel safe. Think about the U.S. with our strategic oil reserves. Holding on feels safer, holding on to your bank account, your job. Holding on feels safe but actually, it crowds you into a corner. You have to stay there protecting your stuff.
5. Focus your time/energy on the good things in your life.
6. The bad parts of your life? Fix them. I seriously mean that. Don’t keep hold of them. Be actively involved in fixing them.
7. Have super interesting friends. The kind of friends who will be honest with you once in a while, but will sometimes tell you that you are beautiful even when you don’t feel like it.
8. Be a creative person. Create something difficult.
9. Go to school and try for a degree that is utterly out of reach given your academic abilities, your financial resources and your time.
10. If you want your life to be completely challenging, speak the truth.

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