How do you like to relax?

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Most Americans are preparing for some vacation time. Most of us are going to have some of Wednesday afternoon through Sunday off. What do you do with all that time off?

Of course, some people do have to work in retail, some have to work at Wal Mart, Target and other retail outlets. Or movie theatres. Or restaurants. So lots of people are working this weekend.

But for those who have a long weekend to relax, the question is, what do you consider relaxing.

If you’re a normal American, watching sports and eating should pretty much keep you sufficed. That and spending time with your relatives. My students look forward to spending time with their relatives who all show up with lots of side dishes. Apparently the room is full of with all this food and you can just keep eating all day.

A lot of the conversations happen around the television, America’s campfire. Families like to watch TV together. We’ve never been a TV family, but I can see where sitting around watching television would be preferable to nothing. In fact, the good thing about watching TV is that you don’t have to actually talk to one another.

What we plan to do involves doing as little work as possible. I plan to go for a very long run in the morning, and then we will cook and kick it. My friend Rachel suggested we go to a restaurant so that we don’t have to cook. But I don’t like that idea because that would mean getting dressed and driving somewhere and that sounds like a lot more work than just walking around at home doing the cooking. Of course, it’s easy for me to say that since Mark and I are doing the cooking together. I wouldn’t like it if I had to do all the cooking myself.

So, we run and then we cook, and then we watch movies and sleep and watch more movies and drink some wine and sleep.

On vacations, I like to do the following: Run, sleep, read, hike, swim, sleep more, write, have long conversations with Mark and the kids about life, the universe and everything.

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