Who’s in charge of your life?

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On Jack FM, the other day, the guy says, Oh, you think you’re so cool. “Playing what we want.” You have to do what Mrs. Jack says just like the rest of us. But the question could be asked of many of us, who is in charge of our life. Is God in charge? Your husband? Your wife? Your boss?

Let’s say for example, that your spouse says he or she needs to move to another state for a job etc. What would you do? Well, some of you would just start packing. Some of you would say, call me and let me know how that goes and immediately find yourself another lover. Some of you would say, Shouldn’t we discuss this first?

I don’t want to leave Los Angeles. I have a lot of friends here. I like the energy of the place. I like the music. I like the heat, I like the feeling of being inside some big pulsing thing and helping to make the gears turn. I’d like a getaway place in Santa Barbara to write on weekends, but I’m not moving from L.A. to some little village or farm. Places I really like to visit include: New Mexico, Portland, New York and San Francisco, but I don’t have enough friends in any of those places to keep me going. My husband doesn’t need any friends to keep him going. We have four children; I think that’s enough people in our life for him. We do have some friends that he’s crazy about, but he doesn’t NEED people like I do. Seeing friends makes me feel that I’m not alone in the universe.

Which brings us to God. Many people believe in God so that they are not alone in the universe. That’s nice. But if you think God is really telling you what to do, I’d suggest that voice in your head is you. I’m particularly concerned when God only talks to the man of the household, that’s a lot like the man is just getting to make all the decisions himself. My first marriage proposal went like this:
Him: We should get married. God told me we should get married.
Me: Excuse me. I talk to God all the time, and he never mentioned you at all.

That was the end of that. If God has something to say, he can hop right down out of the clouds and say it anytime he feels like it, but until then, I’m following my own counsel. And a few friends who I like to listen to.

Who’s directing my life? My own integrity, conscience and dreams and a few friends who I’m willing to listen to. Not that I’m hard of hearing, but I choose carefully who I listen to and make sure they’re not giving this advice because they like to talk down to someone or because they want something from me.

Some people have nobody in the driver’s seat. Nobody is directing their life. Their life is like one of those bumper cars where the kid’s not even driving but is making faces at the other children and sticking his tongue out.

A life without thought is not worth living, but a life with too much thought is rather dull.

Listen to the music. You know who you are and who you can be if you just listen to the music. I finished an opera today, I sang the whole thing.

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