What kind of party person are you?

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1. When can I go home and watch Star Trek?
2. Does my hair look right? Does my dress look right? Do I look okay? Am I as well dressed as everyone else here? Do my shoes look okay? Why is he talking with her and not me?
3. Where’s the booze?
4. Let me find one person to talk with and I’ll hide in a corner with him/her.
5. Let’s get this party started!

Often disagreements in relationships happen because people are different kinds of party people. One wants to roll it up as quickly as possible and go home, one wants to wear a red dress and be the life of the party.

Then there are different kinds of parties. For example:

1. Potluck church parties. You have lots of casseroles and cookies and macaroni and cheese and little weird dips and so on.
2. Parties that serve hard alcohol and grape juice/Kool Aid, or Hi C. These are known as frat parties.
3. Parties that are really fancy and you aren’t really supposed to eat the food, you can eat when you get home.
4. Parties where they serve chili and burgers and out back someone’s playing darts, and they have a pool table and beer. This is the kind of party my ex likes.
5. Parties where everyone is really polite to each other and they walk around being super nice but not really saying anything. These are called “work parties.”
6. Parties where people get up on the table and start dancing and someone breaks wine glasses and the band is outside being really loud and there are boxes of pizza on the table and lots of beer and soda and then the police get called again. These are the kinds of parties my teenagers used to throw when we were out of town.
7. Parties where eventually people take off their clothes and jump in the pool or the Jacuzzi because they’ve had so many margaritas and they were so awesome and the food is kind of hard to remember because of the margaritas and the great conversations which are also hard to remember and so much smoking that the house is a hot box and the whole place gets blurry. This is what my friend Karen’s parties are like.
8. Parties where everyone is dancing in their bare feet and drinking wine. This is the AROHO parties.
9. Parties where you can relax and have great conversations and the food is yummy and the desserts to die for. This is how my friend Lisa’s parties are.
10. Parties with lasagna and salad and lots of desserts and wine and tequila and Makers and funky music and lots of people. This sounds like my parties.

Tonight there is a Red Hen cocktail party at one of our board member’s houses. I think it will be nice but not get out of hand or get too lively. Unless I do my reenactment of the biker bar dancing scene from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, but I have no plans to do that. None at all.

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